The moss upon the trees
Covered in morning dew
Glistening in the sunlight
Beneath the sky so blue.

The chatter of the sparrows
The yellow chickadees
The squirrels running all about
Brings back the memories.

Running barefoot, topless
My hair blowing in the wind
Not a care in the world
I still remember when.

I wore grandma beads, a dirty face
Drank water from a hose
Looked for sticks and crickets
Dandelions and small green toads.

Watched the sky for different shapes
In the clouds so far above
Laid in the grass for hours
Feeling happy, feeling loved.

Life was oh so simple then
No fanfare and no glitter
Playing in the backyard
With my teenage babysitter.

We built forts, ran thru the creek
So few hours in the day
Never wanted to fall asleep
All we wanted was to play.

Hide n seek, or stick ball
Climbing trees and over fences
Nothing seemed impossible
No time for worry or defenses.

Summers were the very best
Always outside having fun
We ran and played all day long
Under the scorching sun.

Running here, running there
Pulling wagons, riding bikes
Waiting for the ice cream truck
Pure afternoon delight.

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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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