Waiting for you
To close the door
Stop begging and pleading
Stop asking for more.

You knew from the start
That I ran around
Now you are whining
All over town.

Stop crying, man up
What did you expect?
Did you think you could change me
Put a chain round my neck?

I’m packing my bags
I’m saying good bye
It wasn’t all bad
You were a nice guy.

But, who is the loser
Is it me, Is it you?
You live in denial
No idea what to do.

If you had been stronger
And stood up to me
Maybe I would have stayed
But, you were too blind to see.

You sat home alone
Your cell phone in hand
Hoping I’d call
Like a boy, not a man.

While you were asleep
I was out dancing
Getting it on
I welcomed advances.

You knew all along
It would end this way
Everyone told you
To leave, walk away.

You kept on trying
You thought they were wrong
You should have listened
You waited too long.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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