Wringing my hands
Losing my mind
Pounding my fists
Wasting my time.

Losing control
So out of touch
No going back
It’s all just too much.

No words to explain
These feelings inside
You don’t understand
These tears that I cry.

Falling apart
Coming unglued
Nothing to say
To get thru to you.

What is the point?
You don’t really care
You walked away
You’re no longer here.

What do I do?
Now that you’re gone
To get back on track
I’ve gotta move on.

I waited too long
I waited for you
To walk thru that door
But it’s over, we’re thru.

I’ll find my way back
It’s going to take time
I have to accept
That you’re no longer mine.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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