There were thousands of protesters
Stepping up to save the children
People marching, carrying signs
Who’s at fault, who is the villain?

Tell me what’s become of us?
Taking children from their mothers
Putting children into cages
Keeping sisters from their brothers.

Babies crying, mother’s weeping
Families torn apart
No thought of reuniting them
No plan right from the start.

Children bused and transported
So many miles away
All that mothers can do now
Is bow their heads to pray.

In the hands of a biased government
They wait to be deported
Hoping their children will be returned
And this evil can be thwarted.

Social outcry, judicial threats
Crimes against humanity
What can we do to stop all this
Abolish this insanity?

America, the home of the brave
Freedom for one and all
We must stand up and be heard
Resist and stand up tall.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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