“Just a stray”, that’s what they say
Whenever you come around
Somewhat unkempt and disheveled
You’re known all over town.

They judge you, but they are wrong
I know you a whole lot better
You are charismatic, an offbeat guy
An eclectic kind of fellow.

You play the flute and violin
You speak seven different languages
You spend your time reading books
Your neighbor’s spend theirs languishing.

They watch you from a distance
You make sculptures in the yard
They wonder what the metal’s for
Don’t think you work that hard.

Degrees in engineering
Psych and philosophy
You qualified for Mensa
And two different PhD ‘s.

We’ve been friends for over two years, now
You’ve been my inspiration
I totally look up to you
Despite your reputation.


Image from Google Images: tumblr.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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