Fascinated by your tattoos
All the colors and the names
Inscribed upon your body
A means to stake your claim.

What started as a heart and arrow
Your name written in ink within
After you two breakup
The heart will get filled in.

The tattoo artist with gun in hand
Projects your every dream
There it is…. permanently drawn
Drawn upon your skin.

Animals, dragons, castles and fauns
Your every wish is his command
When you get an inkling for more
Just go and see “The Man”.

A pricey desire or habit
Like chips … not satisfied with one
He knows that you’ll be back for more
He waits with his loaded gun.

Full back coverage or an ankle draw
You become obsessed and greedy
Looking for the perfect pic
You have now become quite needy.

A cult, a fad, a true addiction
The artful needle and the pain
You derive a simple pleasure
You go back… again and again.

A symbol of your feelings
A statement or a cause
Think about it carefully
Consider and do pause.

The ink that’s used is permanent
No second chances, once it’s drawn
No matter how hard you scrub it
It will never be all gone.

Considered a badge of honor
Like a sparkling, shiny star
An extension of you and you alone
A testament of who you are.


Tattoo by James Richardson…. “THE MAN”.
Courtesy photo.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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