Sparkling diamonds fill the sky
As far as the eye can see
They were placed there one by one
Positioned so carefully.

Midnight blue with specks of silver
Ignite the glistening sky
The power of the universe
It’s enough to make me cry.

Off to the side, but still in view
The moon appears among the clouds
Now cut in half, a mere crescent sliver
She’s embarrassed by the crowd.

Intimidated by their beauty
She slips back, she turns away
Not as impressive as a sparkling star
She’s afraid of what they’d say.

Silly being frightened
The moon stands all on its own
The moon and stars should mingle
Their appearance sets the tone.

A moonlight night, the sky above
We make a wish upon a star
Looking up to the sky
That’s seen from near and far.

There is magic in their unity
Despite the moon’s comparisons
One without the other
Would alter their appearances.

Starlight …star bright , beneath the moon
We celebrate their glory
Their beauty and their majesty
Becomes the night’s love story.


Image from Google Images: wallpapersin4k.org

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

9 thoughts on “A LOVE STORY”

    1. I’m smiling. Funny how the moon and stars become a symbol of romance…maybe because they are so far away and unattainable. Uh oh…. that sounded pessimistic! My glass really is half full, except where politics are concerned! 🙂
      Thank you for commenting. Hope you have a wonderful day! 💙

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