I feel so overwhelmed
So totally out of touch
My thoughts and my feelings
Don’t matter so much.

I see the world thru my eyes
They seem so different than yours
Perhaps my thoughts are compromised
Perhaps just immature.

I wander round in circles
Confused and frustrated
Everything about you
Seems to be so complicated.

You wonder why I’ve walked away
I need some peace of mind
I’ve got to find my way there
Leaving heartache far behind.

This has to end, I can’t go on
Engaged in hurtful banter
I need to find a place to go
Away from all this anger.

The love I feel, the joy I’ve known
Does not negate my feelings
But, your constant threats and outbursts
I no longer find appealing.


Image from Google Images: massageincoohio.comlumbus

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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