You sit there and watch
Fox all day
You believe everything
He has to say.

You turn your back
On innocent children
You want the wall
He told you he’s building.

While you’re distracted
He’s taking away
All of your benefits
And all of your pay.

The top two percent
Are stuffing their pockets
He has plans for expansion
He’s got money for rockets.

But your check gets smaller
All your medical costs
Are soon to rise
Your rights will be lost.

Like a magician
He’s fooling you
He’s covered your eyes
He knows just what to do.

Slight of hand
Coldhearted and mean
He’s laughing at you
While fulfilling his dream.

An agent of chaos
You’re along for the ride
You can’t see thru the haze
All the hate and the lies.

Once it is over
You’ll feel so ashamed
But, you will have no one
But… yourself to blame.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

5 thoughts on “SHAME ON YOU”

  1. They don’t seem to care that he’s made fun of his supporters all along, instead of showing any genuine gratitude. Openly, brazenly does he roast them. He could’ve used any milder analogy, but he meant it when he said he could shoot someone on the streets of Manhattan and his supporters wouldn’t budge. I don’t get them. Are his actions their own agenda all along? One can hardly think that’s true of one’s family members.

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    1. It’s been crazy! And, it gets crazier by the day! The correspndents and reporters from MSNBC and everyone else that cares, keep saying that they want him to come to his senses. He’s not going to! I am addressing my attention now, to the members of congress that are supporting him. He needs to be impeached and then imprisoned!!!!! Expecting him to do the right thing is …..pointless!!!! He has the mentality of a sixth grader. Sorry for ranting!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem and for commenting. It was great to hear from you! 💙

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