As I got closer to the jetty
I couldn’t believe my eyes
There she sat upon the rocks
Was I asleep or hypnotized?

Her hair was long and flowing
Her eyes… an emerald green
Was this just my imagination
Or the middle of a dream?

Extremely sleek and beautiful
The sun glistening on her skin
She had a perfect upper body
And below ….a large green fin.

Her voice was calm and soothing
It was music to my ears
She held my hand and smiled at me
Referred to me as “Dear”.

We talked about the ocean
The creatures big and small
She was concerned about pollution
All the garbage and the oil.

She was a mermaid on a mission
She was pleading for my help
She spoke about the others
Never focusing on herself.

Please save the whales and dolphins
All the fish and crustaceans
All the many helpless creatures
That reside in our ocean.

I couldn’t help but notice
The tears falling from her eyes
I tried to reassure her
Didn’t want to see her cry.

In time, we had to say goodbye
I knew she couldn’t stay
Under the water she disappeared
I watched her slip away.


Image from Google Images: pinterest.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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