Help me please
I can’t stand up
I feel so weak
I’ve had enough.

My legs are weak
My head is pounding
My heart is racing
My pressures mounting.

I’m on the floor
I think I fell
No one is home
Far as I can tell.

Can’t reach the phone
It’s in my purse
Never felt this bad
It’s getting worse.

Guess it’s time
No one is near
I’m not afraid
No time for fear.

Can’t hold on
I close my eyes
I can’t move
I start to cry.

Letting go
Is not so bad
I’m just so tired
More tired than sad.

Holding on
Takes so much strength
Can’t last forever
It’s got to end.

Just passing through
You’re on your own
You spend some time
Then leave alone.


Image from Google Images: Lexington County EMS

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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