The heat,unimaginably unbearable
The scorching flames above
The dance of evil all around
Destroying all that you love.

Your house and your belongings
Everything you have worked for
In a matter of minutes, it’s over
The fire marches right thru your door.

The firefighters bravely fighting
The wind and drying brush
QThey push ahead through all the noise
They hear the roar, the fire’s cruel thrust.

Ferociously it moves about
At a speed unknown to man
The planes above drop their loads
Doing the very best they can.

But, it’s not enough to fight the blaze
To fight the furnace deep below
As it thunders across the valley
As it roars and continues to grow.

The fire, pure evil …ravaging
Everything within it’s path
Burning, and destroying
There’s nothing left, all turned to ash.

Though exhausted and weary, the battle continues
The firefighters must find their strength
They know they must gain control of this beast
They will prevail and in the end…they will win.


Image from Google Images: medicaldaily.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.


  1. This is an excellent poem, honoring some of our most important protectors! I do hope it doesn’t come from personal experience with wildfire (we have almost daily severe fires in So Cal this summer!)

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      1. Thank you. The wildfires are very scary, especially this year! Fortunately there has only been one small one so far that could have been a threat for me — they caught it pretty quickly, and it was contained a couple of miles from here. What makes the situation so very scary is that little fires begin anywhere, and they are exploding so quickly that even a little one-acre fire is dangerous! I’m doing my best to stay safe — thanks again!

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