I jumped into a taxi
Made my way across midtown
The traffic was horrific
There was snow upon the ground.

I fumbled thru my folders
Updated and organized
The sketches first, the text to follow
They’d been prioritized.

I had to remain focused
I would show them how it’s done
I could stand this project on its ear
This battle could be won.

I had vowed not to get stressed out
If I began to choke or cry
I’d lose my chance in the running
They’d pass me off for the next guy.

All the care, the discipline
The hours laboring
Polishing , deciphering
I gave it everything.

Standing there all alone
Poised to win their favor
Graphs, pamphlets and handouts
Enough literature to savor.

Sharks around me everywhere
Snakes crawling on the ground
Hostility and prejudice
Their attempts to put me down.

Documented, painstakingly accurate
Thought thru and executed
Despite the eating frenzy
All my data checked… computed.

Once maligned, prejudged and ridiculed
I packed up all my wares
It was clear I wasn’t wanted
Was wasting my time there.

Walked to the park after the meeting
Sat down upon a bench
Obviously ample seating
The doves spoke fluently in French.

The squirrels began applauding
The pigeons cooed and swooned
The chipmunks ran in circles
They all sang a different tune.

My ego though deflated still carried me along
Wounded, but not destroyed
I’d show them all
That they were wrong.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

7 thoughts on “SHARKS”

  1. Wonderful poem and I suspect it is true of the corporate world, glad I am not part of it!!…

    “When one suddenly finds oneself in the swamp up to their armpits in alligators, it is difficult to remember the objective was to drain the swamp”..

    Liked by 1 person

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