The island bar
Not far from home
Most nights I’m here
I sit alone.

The waitress brings
An ice cold brew
I sit here thinking
Thoughts of you.

The fishing boats
Pass on by
Their nets stretched out
For them to dry.

The jukebox plays
Our favorite song
I wonder why
It all went wrong.

The sweat runs down
Upon my face
There’s no A/C
Inside this place.

The ceiling fan
Blows warm salt air
I sit alone
Alone and stare.

I can’t let go
Of memories
They won’t let go
Let go of me.

So many years
I’ve spent this way
Waiting and wishing
You had stayed.

A shot of “Jack”
Before I go
One for the road
I can’t say, no.

Two local gals
Sit at the bar
They drive me home
It’s not that far.

No ocean breeze
The bay so still
I’ve had enough
I’ve had my fill.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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