It’s been six months since we broke up
Since you walked out the door
I guess I gave up waiting
In hope of something more.

I’d stop by the coffee shop
I’d sit and drink a macchiato
Read my book or magazine
Check my horoscope and lotto.

One day when sitting all alone
A man asked if he could join me
He had kind eyes & a winsome smile
He said, “You look quite lonely.”

We talked about books and politics
He was passionate about the river
Said he was an environmentalist
When he spoke I began to shiver.

He said it’s time, we must act now
To save the manatees
They‘re going to perish… there in the river
They’re considered an endangered species.

He was different than anyone I had known
He was passionate and pure of heart
I knew at once sitting there
That we would never part.

We dated for a year and a half
We now have two dogs, two kids and a cat
He did everything he said he would
And, even more than that.

Now Commissioner and protector
Of our rivers and our streams
He does his best to keep the water
Safe to drink and clean.

I found the love of my life
My soulmate, my best friend
I love the smile on his sweet face
And that adorable, boyish grin.


Image from Google Images: Christmas with Manatees. 325.forcesupportsquadron

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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