I was sitting drinking coffee
My cup was sadly cold
I walked up to the barista
Who I planned to boldly scold.

But there standing right in front of me
Stood a man with steel blue eyes
I forgot why I got on the line
Thought I’d been hypnotized.

I had fallen for this gorgeous man
Who stood about six foot two
As I watched him step away from the counter
The barista repeated, “ Can I help you?”

There was no helping me now
I had fallen “head over heels”
It all seemed like a dream to me
None of it felt quite real.

I walked away with my cold cup of coffee
I proceeded to sit back down
I sipped my cup of java
I had never seen him around.

It was to my surprise and astonishment
That he walked right over to me
“Mind if I sit here and talk to you?
I could use some company.”

We chatted about some nonsense
Honestly, I can’t totally recall
I think he said he was from Texas
And that his name was Paul.

We dated for a week or two
Before he asked me to move in
That’s how this love affair got started
That’s how it did begin.

He works out of his apartment
Manages multiple accounts
Stocks and bonds, slush funds
Figures quarterly amounts.

I’m a pharmacist at the local drug store
I count and dole out pills
I sure have fallen hard for him
I can’t wait until.

I get off of work at seven
He’ll have dinner prepped and planned
We’re having a special dish that he’s prepared
He’s a talented, thoughtful man.

He’ll tell “Alexa” to play something romantic
Then he’ll pour me a glass of wine
After dinner he’ll make love to me
It’s how we spend our time.

We’re in bed most evenings by 8 pm
We don’t spend much time watching TV
This hunk of a man’s got my attention
Damn, he’s so into me.

Guess we have a strong connection
Maybe it’s just about the sex
I’m trying not to dissect this
Things could be much worse, I guess.

I’ve decided to enjoy the ride
If it ends I won’t complain
He’s awfully sweet and very hot
I feel elated, he feels the same.

Still can’t believe we met up in the cafe
That he’s a cowboy from Austin, Texas
He’s got the looks and the charisma
His sweet charm’s purely infectious.

Boy, I sure had no idea
The day I walked into that street cafe
Guess you could say I got lucky
That surely was my lucky day.


Image from Google Images: fernwood365.blogspot.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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