I was sitting drinking coffee
My cup was sadly cold
I walked up to the counter
Feeling angry .. feeling bold.

But there standing right in front of me
Stood a man with steel blue eyes
I forgot what I was thinking
Felt like I’d been hypnotized.

I had fallen for this gorgeous guy
Who stood about six foot two
He took his cup and walked away
I sat down with my cup too.

There was nothing more that I could do
I had fallen “head over heels”
It all seemed like a dream to me
Couldn’t possibly be real.

I walked away … feeling somewhat dazed
I proceeded to sit back down
I sipped my cup of java
Never seen this guy around.

Never thought or could imagine
But there he was so suddenly
Said.. “Mind if I sit here and talk to you?
I could use some company.”

We chatted about the weather

Lots of things I can’t recall
But, I think he was from Texas
And his name was John or Paul.

We dated for a week or two
Before he asked me to move in
We shared a cup of coffee
That’s how it did begin.

He works from his home office
Manages several accounts
Stocks and bonds, financial reports
Figures quarterly amounts.

I’m a pharmacist at the drug store
I count and dole out pills
I sure have fallen hard for him

I’ll always love him … yes I will.

I get off from work at seven
He’ll have dinner prepped and planned
We’ll be having something vegan
He’s a conscientious man.

He’ll tell “Alexa” to play music
Then he’ll pour me a glass of wine
After dinner he’ll make love to me
It’s how we spend our time.

We’re in bed by 8 most evenings
We don’t play games or watch TV
This hunk has my attention
Can’t believe that he chose me.

Guess we have a strong connection
Maybe it’s just about the sex
I’m trying not to dissect this
Things could be worse, I guess.

I’ve decided to enjoy the ride
If it ends I won’t complain
He’s awfully sweet and very hot
So glad he feels the same.

Boy, I sure had no idea
That day at the cafe
Guess I surly did get lucky
That sure was my lucky day.


Image from Google Images: fernwood365.blogspot.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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