To say I am disgusted
Would be an understatement
While watching what is happening
To our waning, weakened government.

Trump has infiltrated
And disrupted life as we know it
He is without a moral compass
And is not afraid to show it.

He blatantly flaunts his power
Takes and never will give back
Doesn’t care who he hurts
He’s an ego maniac.

Dragging us thru the mud
While all the world is watching
Making fools of us
While sitting back and laughing.

Disrupting and dismantling
All our rules and regulations
Anything that he can do
Demanding resignations.

All that we’ve held sacred
Has been cast into the wind
He doesn’t value morality
He will prevail, he always wins.

So smug and oh so sure
Knowing he can’t be indicted
He’s sitting there getting over on us
While elated and insanely excited.

His base getting drunk on all the koolaid
The one percent as happy as can be
They are making more and more money
They are as rich as they ever could be.

What will bring about an end to this?
Will he ever be brought down?
Are we destined to be governed by
This evil, maniacal clown?


Image from Google Images: thehill.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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