There’s no collusion
Yeah, I lied
No collision
Though Russian ties.

Congress supports me
You can’t touch me
Say what u want
They won’t agree.

They won’t impeach
I laugh out loud
Check out my base
See all those crowds?

My lies prevail
Can’t prosecute
You can’t indict
I’m scamming you.

I’ m gonna skate,
And I will wail
No chance that I
Will go to jail.

Laws don’t apply
I get my way
Doesn’t matter
What lawyers say.

No help for you
Just millionaires
Can’t you see
I just don’t care.

It’s about me
What I can get ?
I line my pockets
Don’t forget.

I’ll sell you out
You won’t be free
You need to bow
Bow down to me.

I rule the world
As president
I was elected
Though negligent.

I play with words
I’ll call you names
Your lives will never
Be the same.

I’ll turn it all
Inside out
That’ what I
Am all about.

No rules apply
Not to this guy
You scratch your head
And wonder why.

You stayed at home
You didn’t vote
You lost out
You gave up hope.

The time was right
I stepped in
Now I’m in charge
I win again.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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