While walking along, I came upon
A tiny baby opossum
I said, “Hello!”, where are your parents?”
He said, ”Somehow, I’ve lost them.

“That can’t be, I assuredly remarked
They have to be nearby.
Why you are just a little lad
Come on now, don’t you cry!

I will help you find them
I’m sure they’re close behind
They probably stopped for a moment or two
Perhaps to rest or dine.

Let’s walk back the way you came
We won’t have to go too far
Look ahead, you’ll see them soon
I’m sure that’s where they are.

Sure enough, we found them there
Snacking on vines beside the water
The little one… happy to be back together
With his sister and his brother.

I made my way to the winding path
I was heading for the park
I hoped that I’d have time to play
Before it got too dark.

I climbed up on the monkey bars
I came down the slide
I played ball and ran around
It was fun to be outside.

Once again, I headed home
Before the street lights had come on
I didn’t see the opossums again
They had already been and gone.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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