He laid his sword down
He prepared to take the fall
He was brave and honest
He was a hero after all.

He knew when to fold
He had been in battle for so long
He knew the end was near
Though in heart, he was still strong.

Sometimes it takes one to concede
To get your point across
Though it looked like he was quitting
Nothing had been lost.

He had sustained so many injuries
A sword right thru his side
Knives thrust into his chest
Once…. almost lost an eye.

Sweat dripping into open wounds
The sting of salt within
Blood oozing from every orifice
He was ready to give in.

The fight was almost over
He turned to walk away
The smoke from oil still lingered
Turned the blue sky into gray.

Both sides had seen the agony
The torture and the pain
No matter what the outcome
The cost remained the same.


Image from Google Images: The Armor of God. Thoughtcompany

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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