A vile and hateful man
A pathetic demagogue
Responsible for the slaughter
At Pittsburgh’s synoguoge.

What’s wrong with the republicans?
Why don’t they take a stand?
Why aren’t they doing something?
Why don’t they take have a plan?

Get him out of office
Try and find a way
I beseech those in power
I continue to hope and pray.

Our nation is in peril
The seams are torn apart
The fabric of our morality
Deep down within our hearts.

Has been shattered and frayed
Ripped away and brutally torn
I’m feeling horrified
Devastated and forlorn.

The vicious, and demented
With rifles in their hands
Are encouraged and incited
By a sick and evil man.

Stand up for peace and justice
Protect the innocent
Take back our country
From this racist president.


Image from Google Images: standupamerica/



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

2 thoughts on “STAND UP”

  1. Donald Trump is only part of the problem, removing him from office will not solve the problem, as someone will simply take his place, perhaps worse than he is.. the Republicans, especially the conservatives, are using him, by fueling his ego, to pursue their agenda/ideology… 🙂 to resolve the issues, one must start at one’s neighborhood and go from there… 🙂

    “Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible.”
    ― Frank Herbert

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    1. Yes, removing him from office…., will not totally solve the problem of racism and prejudice in this country, but I believe that he is mentally ill. Being conservative is one thing, but he is a racist, narcissistic, egomaniac!!!! And yes, the Republicans that support and empower him are equally responsible for what is happening, right now. I don’t think that even the Republicans had any idea…. just how far he would go, or what he was capable of. Some of them have have changed parties, in response to his actions and behavior. I have started in my neighborhood. I am canvassing, texting and doing everything I can, to support the democratic candidates, here in Florida. I donate and participate in our local campaigns. Everyday he does something worse than the day before. I keep thinking that he’s going to be stopped, but I’m afraid that is simply….wishful thinking!

      Thank you for reading my poem and for your comments. 💙

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