A day of thanks
Grateful am I
For all that I have
I cannot deny.

My fate, my choices
Could have been better
But,  looking around
It all comes together.

So many struggle
Have pain and such sorrow
No reason to try
No hope for tomorrow.

So far out of touch
Out of balance, offset
They give me a reason
To never forget.

To give thanks
For the cards that I have been dealt
To know love and emotions
All I have felt.

They cry and they wail
They wonder why
Their lives are so dark
It brings tears to my eyes.

The grass isn’t greener
But, a tangle of weeds
It’s cold and it’s frozen
Nothing there… that I need.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

24 thoughts on “GRATEFUL”

  1. “It all comes together” is a wonderful outlook. They say live in the moment, but sometimes I think imagining the unknown big picture is better, especially when your moment is being trapped in “a tangle of weeds.” May we always keep offering sun and rain and organic fertilizer to others who need it. ❤

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