The darkness, the rage
That I feel within
Surging and seething
Below the skin.

Remorse and regret
The persistent shame
Riddled with heartache
I carry the blame.

Decisions of passion
The power of lust
Drove me to madness
Now, pure disgust.

Tattered and worn
Is all that you’ll see
An old weary shell
Is what’s left of me.

Broken, abandoned
Now on my own
Forgotten, irrelevant
Left all alone.

The warnings, the signs
Standing there before me
Overlooked and rejected
Nothing left to believe.

Shattered in pieces
Thrown to the floor
Passed over, forsaken
Not wanted, ignored.


Image from Google Images: You Broke My Heart Heartbroken GIF


Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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