He stared at me for quite awhile
Those soft grey eyes, that winsome smile
An attractive guy sitting all alone
With a cup of tea and an English scone

Wearing black Levis and a black t-shirt
I’m assuming he was off from work.
He sat at a table all alone
Across the room, I was checking my phone.

When I got up, so did he
He made his way and followed me
Said he was leaving and didn’t have time
But, gave me his number, then I gave him mine.

Two days later he contacted me
We met for coffee,  I ordered tea.
He was soft spoken and very polite
We went to a movie, that very same night.

A chance meeting at a local cafe
He walked me home, his name was Ray
I had a feeling he was the one
He had long brown hair and a cute man bun.


Image from Google Images: tumblr.com


Image from Google Images:  istockphoto.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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