So down and depressed
I walked in alone
Walked up to the counter
Holding onto my phone.

A Caramel Macchiato
Hot please, not cold
I was feeling devastated
I was feeling really old.

Another breakup
Another mistake
When will I learn?
How long will it take?

It started off great
We made love  for hours
But, like all the others
There’s no candy or flowers.

Where does it go wrong?
Why doesn’t it last?
Didn’t share too much
Of my weak, sordid past.

Light and easy
I set the tone
Then why am I sitting
Here, sadly  alone?

Try as I may
To restrain my need
They still see me hurting
They still see me bleed.

I don’t act insecure
Not too frightened or scared
But something goes wrong
This just isn’t fair.

The clock is ticking
The years passing me by
My friends are all married
I keep asking …. why?

When will it be my turn?
Am I destined to be
Alone at the party
Sitting there quietly?

I powder my nose
I get my hair done
I try and seem happy
I try to have  fun.

But, In the end
I sit here alone
Drinking my coffee
Playing games on my phone.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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