Sitting with friends
Sharing a brew
Not just one cup
I’ve had a few.

Fully caffeinated
Buzzed and flying high
I said , “Hello”
When you passed me by.

You wore round,  rimmed  eyeglasses
Your hair… a bit  long
Your friends called you , “Harry”
You looked handsome and strong.

Your t-shirt and shorts
Fit you perfectly
I sat near your table
You weren’t too far from me.

I eavesdropped from a distance
I had caught your eye
Your friends encouraged you
So happy… I could cry.

You walked over and introduced yourself
Wondered if I was free
To join you on friday
“Would you have coffee with me?”

We dated for about a year
Got married in the fall
There’s nothing I would ever change
With you I have it all.


Image from Google Images:  pixabay.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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