I’m feeling so angry
I just want to spit
He dumped me for Shelia
That cruel,  cunning witch!

I gave him my best years
My car and my youth
I can’t believe
What he set out to do.

I saved for an Audi
An A6, not a 4
Now he walks out on me
He walks out the door.

My car and vacation
Were all paid in full
I gave him the green light
I’ve been such a fool.

Give me a Venti
With two shots of expresso
I need to regain
My strength and my Mojo.

Never again,
Will this happen to me
I’ll never get married
Just you wait and see!

He conned me, he fast talked
He was charming and vain
Now I sit here alone
I’m going insane.

Never fall for a charmer
For a sweet talking guy
Cause everything they say
Is an out and out lie.


Imaged from Google Images:   cnet.com




Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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