We need to declare an emergency
Trump is out of control
Stop him please,  before it’s too late
He’s going to destroy us all.

You may not like his manners
He is crass and he is crude
He is selfish and narcissistic
He’ll never change his attitude.

He has crippled our economy
By shutting down our government
His petty, temper tantrum
A display of his incompetence.

His focus on wanting to build a wall
Anything to satisfy  his base
Shows clearly that he will do anything
He is desperate to save face.

We are a crippled ship floating adrift
Just waiting to be attacked
The whole world is watching
And no one’s got our back.

He’s insulted our friends and allies
He’s cavorting with our enemies
Our country is not safe or secure
He’s put us all in jeopardy.

Impeach, indict , imprison
Before it is too late
He’s got to be stopped in his tracks
All he knows is power and hate.

Declaring a National Emergency
For him to build a wall
Should be the last mistake he will make
That sadly will effect us all.

This is  not…. republican versus democrat
We have a mad man at the helm
He needs to be stopped, removed at once
We need to  get rid of him!



Image from Google Images:  theprintnews.co.uk

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

6 thoughts on “A STATE OF EMERGENCY”

  1. And he wants to pre-pardon himself “even though I haven’t done anything wrong!”! If we ever needed a visual definition of “narcissist,” well, it doesn’t get any clearer than his visage. Praying that Mueller will send this example of devious humanity packing, because a second bought term will do us in.

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    1. It’s frightening!!!! He has to be imprisoned! There’s no way, that he can be set free into society ….to continue to lie, cheat and steal!!!!! Pence and trump’s family need to go to prison, as well!!!! They are all liars and thieves!!!!
      Thank you for reading my poem and taking the time to comment.
      Hope you are well and that you have a good day. 💙

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    1. I totally agree!!!!! I so want them all to be accountable and finally caught up with!!!! Shutting down the government ….to get your way is so incredibly unbelievable!!!! Thanks for reading my poem and for commenting!

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