The struggle we face everyday
The pain that’s ours alone
No one can slip into our shoes
It’s meant for us to own.

Isolated and separate
Afraid of the unknown
Feeling pain in every muscle
Every nerve and every bone.

Strength has since escaped me
I fall easily to the ground
I feel the cool tile on my cheek
There’s no one else around.

The panic in their voices
When they come into the room
Their efforts to retrieve me
The smell of urine and perfume.

Sitting there beside the bed
Carefully they change my clothes
They readjust my pillows
Brush my hair, button my robe.

The look upon their faces
Their gestures and their stares
As they try their best, their very best
To provide comfort and care.

The blue light screen from the TV
Suppose to brighten up my day
But, I’ve lost track of time and place
Most of my time I use to pray.

All the should’a, could’a,  woulda’s
Are now part of the past
None of  them seem to  matter now
Time has slipped away too fast.

I can’t seem to find  the words now
Names and faces are eluding me
There for a fleeting moment
Then they vanish completely.

Confused and agitated
Don’t know what I can do
Once so independent
Now,  I must depend on you.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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