Seething with hate
Consumed with resentment
You spend your day sparring
You thrive on the tension.

Thwarted and blocked
Your relationships suffer
No one can get close
Each day it gets tougher.

Cold and confused
You muddle along
You look for acceptance
From the weak, not the strong.

A bully, a bore
A passive aggressive
A jester at times
Yet, depressed and obsessive.

Paranoid and distrustful
With a fence round your yard
No one can get close
Shields up, you’re on guard.

No questions asked
They’re all intertwined
They’re all out to get you
It’s a matter of time.

Load up the canons
Prepare and defend
You have to strike first
That’s how it begins.

No chance for surrender
No plans to appease
You find pleasure in torment
As they fall to their knees.

It’s your way, not theirs
No one can tell you
You have all the answers
You know  what to do.

A deal in the making
You want more for less
What you are up to?
Could be anyone’s guess.

You love the applause
The element of surprise
The unexpected
The look in their eyes.

A small mind, damaged
In character and stature
A way to get even
Is all that you’re after.


Image from Google Images:  thecripplegate.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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