Walked down to the beach
Wore my jacket and boots
It was so bitter cold
Didn’t know what to do.

I put up my collar
Then put up my hood
Put my hands in my pockets
Didn’t do any good.

The wind was howling
Chilled me to the bone
I thought for a second
Maybe I should head home.

But I ventured on
Walked the shoreline
That’s where I found  her
Thank God,  just in time.

She was lying face down
Her head above water
She could barely speak
She gasped and she stuttered.

I pulled her out
Got her up on the shore
Called 911
Couldn’t do much more.

I took off my jacket
And my flannel shirt
Tried to cover her up
She was cold, she was hurt.

I held her close
Tried to keep her warm
I heard the sirens
I could hear the alarms.

They took her away
Gave me a ride home
I wondered about her
She was there all alone.

I called the ER
Her condition was fair
She was stable and safe
Getting adequate care.

Coincidence? Maybe.
But, we’ll never know
Why I went out that night
Why I needed to go.

Out for a walk
On a cold winter night
So glad that I did
So glad she’s all right.


Photo by Angela Galardi.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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