Take me on an outing
Let me feel the soft, cool breeze
Let me feel the sunshine
So warm upon my knees.

As I sit beside the oak tree
I watch the squirrels that scamper by
Looking for their morning meal
Beneath the bright blue sky.

My days at best are numbered
My memories of you
Have left my life encumbered
Not knowing what to do.

I sit and I remember
The time I had with you
But, you were taken all too soon
Now, I sit here sad and blue.

My days are long and quiet
I read, I sleep, I rest
I take a nap in the afternoon
Some say I’m truly blessed.

But, soon I’ll leave this life I’ve known
I’ll close my eyes and drift away
Hoping to get to see you
In my dreams, I hope, I pray.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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