Why did you have to lie?
You made me believe
You said those words out loud
Made promises to me.

I gave you all I had
I compromised my soul
I followed you to hell and back
Believed what I was told.

You grew bored so quickly
I was not enough
I thought that we had everything
That we were so in love.

So foolish, and so trusting
You left me high and dry
I sit here crying senselessly
You left, you said… goodbye.

No second thoughts, no chances
It was over, no regrets
When you decide that you’re done
So easily you’ll forget.

The promises, the plans we made
You said it was forever
How many have you told that to
When you’re alone together?

Confused by lust and passion
Mesmerized and charmed
I followed you so willingly
No need to twist my arm.

A method to your madness
A well executed plan
Has left me broken-hearted
Guess I’ll never understand.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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