A perfect day
Not a cloud in the sky
The wind gently blowing
The boats passing by.

I sit here alone
Warmed by the sun
Watching the children
Having such fun.

Sand pails and buckets
The laughter, the noise
They sit building castles
They play with their toys.

Where did the time go?
My children all grown
They live far away
They live on their own.

I relish the time
I have on this earth
I ponder my essence
I question my worth.

I’ve seen many things
I’ve marveled and gleaned
Have been given so much
Fulfilled many dreams.

Feels good just to be
Quiet and free
Idle , unencumbered
Alive spiritually.

I look to the water
To the waves rolling in
Rekindling hope
Again and again.


Image from Google Images: canstockphoto.co.uk

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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