I walked along the sandy beach
It was late, so dark and windy
I kept my eyes wide open
Hoping she’d be there to greet me.

Her long red hair, her golden fin
Her sparking emerald eyes
I waited beside the jetty
Hoping she might soon…. swim by.

The stars above were hidden
Deep within the clouds
I watched the waves come crashing in
The sound… so incredibly loud.

I looked passed the coral reef
Beyond the crest of waves
Looking for her silhouette
Above the turtle caves.

The moon so bright, a shining light
Cast a beam in each direction
I looked around, I looked for her
I looked for her reflection.

Suddenly, I caught a glimpse
A sighting beneath the water
There I saw her bright red hair
I said aloud.”I love her”!

Up and out of the water
She found her way to me.
She swam up to the surface
From the bottom of the sea.

“Hello, my love” , I’ve missed you
It’s been quite awhile
I’m so happy…just to be with you”
She said, with her sweet smile.

I reached out to gently hold her
Her skin so soft and sleek
We sat together side by side
Till she started to feel weak.

The air above the ocean
Makes it hard for her to breathe
In time she needed to return
I knew, she’d have to leave.

We said goodbye, we bid farewell
Until, we meet again
I’ll wait beside the water’s edge
I’ll wait for her, till then.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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