No need to explain
No one will ask why
No room for excuses
No feigned alibis.

The meetings, the quotas
You’ve run out of time
No need for discussion
You’re partners in crime.

The push, the demands
With no questions asked
You’ve got to deliver
The dye has been cast.

The pressure, the stress
The risk of it all
Out on the ledge
Afraid you will fall.

Standing alone
With no safety net
No second chances
No bulletproof vest.

Groomed for this moment
A moment in time
Your place at the table
Your turn, next in line.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “YOUR TURN”

    1. It’s not about me. I know someone, who worked hard…climbing the corporate ladder. It took several years, but she now has a corporate position at a prestigious hospital, in New York City.
      Thank you for taking the time…. to read my poem and for commenting. 💙

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      1. People always think I am writing about myself, as well, and often it is not me but a general comment on life…or part actual fact, part fiction. You did a good job of capturing what your friend might have been thinking and experiencing.

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  1. Yes, it happens a lot! Like you, it’s usually a fact…. mixed with fiction…a remark, or occurrence that sets the stage. I get a lot of condolences… for the losses that I write about…. empathy for perceived and unresolved depression. The mishaps are usually based on someone else’s misfortune. I’ve yet to find…. a dead body on the beach, nor have I fallen in love with a mermaid. Guess…. I can dream, though! lol. I do greatly admire your writing and appreciate your thoughtful comments. 💙


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