You stood there at the doorway
There was nothing more to say
Your heart had just been broken
She was sending you away.

She buttoned up your overcoat
As she sadly said, “goodbye”
Said  she’d always love you
Until the day she died.

But, you weren’t as ambitious
As she needed you to be
Your bank account was empty
Too little there …. you see.

She  needed something more
Your chances kinda slim
She was power hungry
Your future ….. rather dim.

You took the elevator
Walked out and hailed a cab
Feeling lost ….dejected.
Heartbroken and so sad

She called you one  year later
You met for dinner at your place
Should have known just what she wanted
By that look upon her face.

You made love for hours
Then she left you …. like before
Nothing changed , nothing to gain
She walked … right out the door.

Your heart shattered… now in pieces
It would never heal or mend
She had no intentions
Of getting back with you, again.

You went up to the rooftop
Walked over to the ledge
Three fights up was good enough
You stepped off the edge.


Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

15 thoughts on “THE ROOFTOP”

  1. Hi Patty: Wow!! Very dark. You should consider a book of your work for submission to a publisher. Hope all is well. Henry


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