What can you possibly expect from him?
A man who refused to serve
Who five times told the government
He regretfully had bone spurs.

He scams, he’s lied, he’s cheated
All his life…. to get his way
There’a method to his madness
You’re so easily led astray.

There’s no regard for rules or norms
He admires a scam, a scheme
He’s lied his way to the very top
He’s cruel, evil and mean.

He grits his teeth, hisses and smiles
When reading his Teleprompter
Blind support from his base
You should know…. that’s what he’s after.

Repeats his lies, loud and clear
Repeats them again and again
He knows they have the desired effect
You want to follow him.

Like sheep, being led to slaughter
Never doubting or asking why
You’ll do anything that he says
Convinced he never lies.

Another sip of Kool-Aid?
He knows just what to do
A dictator, a wannabe
He’ll take control of you.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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