Needing to purge
Refresh and anew
Becoming, evolving
What can I do?

Wishing and hoping
I peer through the glass
Fearful obstructions
Will not let me pass.

Way too much clutter
Obscuring my view
Afraid you will see me
What will I do?

Stark naked and cold
Bearing it all
What if I stumble?
What if I fall?

So much to consider
So much to ignore
Too many possessions
Donโ€™t need anymore.

Boxes, containers
Stacked high in a row
Temperature adjustments
Through rain or through snow.

Clinging and grasping
Maintaining my grip
Clothes out of date
They no longer fit.

Just canโ€™t let them go
I have wants, I have needs
I canโ€™t go without
My bracelets, my beads.

I wait in my car
By the front entrance gate
One more storage item
A small wooden crate.

Locked up and secure
I hold the key
A room full of boxes
Belonging to me.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “THE NEED TO PURGE”

  1. I feel like you climbed into my mind. Just how I’ve been feeling and starting, bit by bit, to resolve boxes, drawers and file cabinets. Also love your illustration. Wish it were larger.


    1. Too funny! Iโ€™m living in a townhouse…. so little storage space!
      Too much. STUFF!!!!!!


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