Beyond my expectations
Well beyond my grasp
A lingering hesitation
Those feelings never last.

A distance… miles between us
So very far away
No remorse, no guilt or shame
It’s always been this way.

You have all the answers
Questions seldom asked
Above all of the rest of us
Who you consider last.

No one dares to get too close
You just might sting or bite
Above the fray and oh so frail
You stay just out of sight.

Raised by wolves, so ignorant
Devoid of couth and manners
Detached, shut down , so withdrawn
You’re all that really matters.

No empathy for others
A lack of true emotion
No use in making small talk
No need for this commotion.

My feelings trite , now cast aside
No use for truth or affection
A tattered, damaged, dark, cold soul
In love with your own reflection.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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