She must be up to something
There’s a cage outside her door
I didn’t see it, yesterday
What do you think it’s for?

A man came by, he dropped it off
He went inside her house
I saw him through her window
He was sitting on her couch.

The cage door was kept open
The food sitting on our plate
Was now pushed up inside the cage
The man said, “Now, we wait”.

The lady looked quite worried
A sad look upon her face
She looked like she’d been crying
I heard him say, “It’s getting late”!

I watched him get into his truck
His hair was long and grey
He made me feel uneasy
I was glad he drove away.

For just over a week or two
We were fed inside the cage
Wondering why we had to eat
Enclosed, contained that way.

One day, while eating dinner
We heard the cage door close
We were trapped inside this prison
Why this happened, I don’t know.

We were taken to a clinic
They took good care of us
They cleaned us up and treated
All our scratches and our cuts.

TNR, an act of kindness
The reason we were there
Someone took the time to show
That they truly cared.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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