Don’t waste any time
Gather your thoughts
I’ll meet you at midnight
Bring something soft.

A sweater, a blanket
You might be cold
Please listen, don’t argue
So much to behold.

For once, don’t configure
Don’t analyze
Go with the moment
You’ll soon realize.

That time passes quickly
Too soon, it’s too late
I’ll meet you, don’t flounder
Please, don’t hesitate.

There’s no time to waste
Concealed in the clouds
Covered in darkness
Amidst a grey shroud.

She longs to be seen
Though hidden, submerged
There in the sky
She soon will emerge.

The waves of the ocean
The sand cool and damp
You won’t need a flashlight
You won’t need a lamp.

The night light above
Will brighten and shine
Illuminate all
That will take the time.

A glimpse at perfection
The stars all aligned
A chance to bear witness
To one of a kind.

Majestic, hypnotic
Held captive, enthralled
Don’t blink, you might miss it
The thrill of it all.

She appears only once
In the darkness of night
Held in the rapture of
The sparkling starlight.


Photo by Angela Galardi.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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