The ER so frightening
The needles … the probes
The questions… the tests
From your head to your toes. 

The scans and the fear
Your fate in their hands
The unanswered questions
You don’t understand.

Once they admit you
Your dignity’s gone
They come and they go
They’re there before dawn. 

When they send you home
You’re all on your own
No one to assist you
You feel so alone. 

You may feel forgotten
It’s all up to you
The new medications
The pinks and the blues. 

Confused and unsettled
There’s so many pills
No explanations
More scripts to be filled.

A ride to the drug store
You wait, next in line
You feel weak and shaky
You don’t have much time.

They don’t understand
What it’s like to be old
Dependent, confused
Exhausted and cold.

Please take me home
I need to lie down
I won’t make a fuss
I won’t make a sound.

Call me in the morning
Please check up on me
Stop over for coffee
Or a cup of hot tea.

Don’t be in a hurry
Please stay with me
As I struggle to stand
To talk or to breathe.

For your day will come
Hope someone is kind
Hope they will help
Hope they’ll find the time.


Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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