Santa’s sleigh
Reindeer and snow
Rooftops and toys
All ready to go.

Twinkling stars
Fill up the sky
A sense of wonderment
Seen in their eyes.

They sit by the window
They look up above
A glimpse of his sleigh
Would be just enough.

Closing their eyes
Falling asleep
He will be there
Though snow is waist deep.

Under the covers
Snuggled up tight
The children await
His visit tonight.

Down through the chimney
Or through the front door
He remembers each one
That’s what he’s there for.

Under the tree
He leaves gifts and toys
All for the children
For good girls and boys.

A long winter’s night
So much to do
So many presents
Maybe….some for you.


Image by Google Images: wavebreakmedia

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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