Cunning, cruel, malicious
Evil to the core
Considers you irrelevant
Considers you a bore.

Has taken what he needed
Your heart, your mind, your soul
Left you ashamed and ridiculed
So hateful, harsh …. so cold.

Easy prey, an easy mark
So innocent and kind
Just what he was looking for
Something to pass the time.

Mirroring, pretending
He cast his artful net
You fell so hard, so fast, so deep
You’d do just what he said.

Never felt this way before
Obsessed, consumed by love
Everything that you desired
Until, he’d had enough.

Never saw it coming
No way you could have known
Who knew, he’d walk and not look back?
His heart made out of stone.

Feeling devastated
He’s left you on your own
But in the end, you have to know
You’re better off alone.


Image from Google Images: pixels.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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