Liars, thieves and takers
No honor amongst men
Where is their sense of integrity?
They lie time and again.

Blindly they will follow
No regard for laws or rules
Ignoring The Constitution
A slew of blithering, ignorant fools.

All about the money
Their lobbyists, their seats
They will do most anything
To be with the elite.

All the lies and trickery
The schemes behind closed doors
Always an agenda
That’s what they’re looking for.

They’ve sold out to the devil
Members of the trumpster’s cult
No honor, pride, or loyalty
No concern for end results.

They’re stripped of any decency
Can’t believe a word they say
Misleading and despicable
Never thought I’d see this day.

America, our country
Home  of the loyal and brave
Now led by partisan law breakers
Oh what a mess they’ve made.

They’ve given into pressure
Led down the golden path
Promises of wealth and fame
A life of lies and graft.

It’s now up to the people
Take to the polls, the streets
Stand up, speak out, and tell the truth
Take back your sovereignty.


Image from Google Images: commondreams.org

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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