Out on night maneuvers
He hits the clubs and bars
Some take the train from Jersey
Some head over by car.

He scans the room for takers
The naive and vulnerable
Gets missile lock, then makes his move
On the sweet and gullible.

Wanna dance? “Sure”, they say
They’re victims of his charm
They’re dying to go home with him
No need to twist their arm.

Only the successful
No time for non achievers
Money is his prime concern
Professionals are keepers.

Mirroring and love bombing
The tricks… tricks of his trade
No chance of turning this around
No chance of being saved.

They will gladly follow
Do anything he says
His goal and prime objective
To get them into bed.

Once they fall, and fall they will
In love and lust with him
He’ll do… what he always does.
He’ll turn his back on them.


Image from Google Images: facebook.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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