Too little time, so much to say
It really isn’t fair
It hurts to watch you suffer so
To see you lying there.

I watch and wait, I pray to God
Hoping things will change
But nothing seems to come to pass
It all remains the same.

The lines, the wires and all the tubes
They say it won’t be long
I know that you have tried your best
But, things have just gone wrong.

I hold your hand, so cold and weak
There’s nothing I can do
I feel so sad, so hurt inside
Wish I could rescue you.

Memories of you and I
Pass across my mind
All the things I didn’t say
When I had the time.

Fifty years have come and gone
The good times with the bad
It’s hard to be without you now
I feel so lost, so sad.

They say… that what you need is rest
That I should go back home
But it’s so hard… all by myself
To be there all alone.

As I watch you lying there
Struggling for each breath
I know it’s time to let you go
But I just can’t, not yet.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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