Don’t leave me, just yet
You know, I’m not ready
I watch on the monitor
Your heart beats…. unsteady. 

Out on a limb
Afraid and alone
Don’t go, I’ll be lost
Can’t find my way home.

My hand held in yours
As a frightened young girl
You were my everything
You are still my world.

No one there to love me
No one left to care
No one will protect me
When you’re no longer there.

All my mistakes
Some big and some small
You cast them aside
You’ve forgiven them all.

It won’t be easy
When you are gone
I’ll sit in the garden
Remembering, our song.

I’ll hear the music
Listen to the words
Look at the flowers
Watch the hummingbirds.

I’ll wear your cap
It matches my skirt
The one that I wear
With your favorite shirt.

Flooded in memories
The years spent together
Don’t want to let go
And lose you forever.

So just, give me a moment
A minute or two
Just need to tell you
That….I’ll always love you.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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