The music stopped, you looked around
You found yourself alone
No hand to hold, no one there
Your heart chilled to the bone.

Left in shock, hard to believe
Your world’s come to an end
An unexpected change of plans
No chance to start again.

Promises and plans were made
Now crumbled, turned to dust
Empty words now echoing
Were meant to gain your trust.

Out of the blue, no warning signs
A simple change of heart
Found someone else more interesting
Your world’s now torn apart.

Too much , too soon …you didn’t know
She came on to you…. so strong
A whirlwind and a thunderbolt
She played you all along.

She mirrored every fantasy
Could satisfy your needs
Then cut your throat, while you slept
Stood there and watched you bleed.


Image from Google Images: kickstarter.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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